FlexStone is a composite paneling product that is designed for use in wet-wall bathroom applications. FlexStone is comprised of multiple layers of engineered thermoplastic, a printed image, and a lightweight PVC backing, all bonded using high heat and pressure.

FlexStone is well-suited for bathroom wet-wall applications, such tub and shower walls, splashes, skirts, trims, shampoo and soap shelves, cubbies and more. FlexStone is also and excellent choice for other projects, such as wall-cladding, wainscoting, window sills, etc.

Yes, FlexStone can be installed over existing tile. Remodel Trim Molding will be needed to allow for the extra thickness when installing over existing tile. Remodel Trim Molding is sold separately. If the existing tile has a glossy surface, be sure to rough it up with sand paper before installing FlexStone. This will result in better adhesion of FlexStone to the tile.

FlexStone can be installed over a variety of backer board substrates, including sheetrock, cement board, or even existing tile. Be sure to consult local building codes to determine the appropriate backer board. 

Tape Measure
Utility Knife
Caulk Gun
Pencil or Marker

Paddle Bits
Painter’s Tape
Clean Cloth
Denatured Alcohol

We recommend using Performance Pro adhesive and silicone when installing FlexStone. Performance Pro has been specifically formulated for use with FlexStone to provide optimal benefits.

Care and maintenance of your FlexStone surround is easy using common household cleaners. Clean with a soft sponge or cloth, and mild nonabrasive cleaners. Often, warm soapy water and a sponge will be adequate for regular maintenance. FlexStone has no grout lines to clean, and is nonporous, so sealing is never required.

FlexStone wall panels are ¼” thick.
FlexStone is available for retail and contractor sales at:

-Menards Home Centers